Transformers Arcade titles for kids roll out in Japan

Shaggy July 25, 2010 1

(Thanks to AH reader ECM for the tip)

We last heard about Sega’s development of kids arcade titles based upon the Transformers Animated license in March and now those games have been made available in Japan. Along with smaller cabinet sizes and a card-collecting system in place, they appear to not being worrying much how the games look graphically as it looks like something that could have been done early in the last generation of game consoles, maybe before (although they seem to have a nice 60 fps rate going on). That’s OK though, looks aren’t everything especially with the target audience here. It probably saved them a bundle in development costs as well. Sega has two games on the table, Transformers Animated The Chase and The Shooting. The Chase is a Chase H.Q.-like game with two steering wheels where you chase down and knock out Deception cars; the Shooting is a mounted dual light-gun title where you blast the Deceptions instead.  These concepts are likely to stick around in Japan but if you’re interested in seeing more, you can check out the official Transformers Animated Arcade site.


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