AVATAR Pinball's playfield mostly revealed

Shaggy July 29, 2010 1

(Thanks for the tip IcePagoda)

Via Pinballnews.com – the first shot of the new AVATAR pinball playfield. The pic speaks for itself – it looks like there is plenty to do in the back of the playfield and it shouldn’t be too long before we see some close-up shots from the board. This isn’t the final version as you can see that there are a few things missing when you look closely, such as a sticker on the spinner device that’s northwest of the center in the image above. But other than that this should be pretty close to the production design.

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  1. justonemoregame July 29, 2010 at 3:18 am - Reply

    Yes, I know about financial realities.
    I *miss* metal ramps. I really do.

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