Sports Run by Belrare/Tecway Developments

Shaggy August 5, 2010 0

The makers of games like Pop Moto, Magic DJ and Happy Balance Ball have another game to grace the market with called Sports Run. As you can see above, the control scheme used is a direct take from Sega’s Giant Tetris, even down to the differing heights in the joysticks. I’m not sure if that’s a patented technology or not but for now we’ll assume that Sega can

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feel flattered by this. As for the game itself, the online translators aren’t much help but we can glean plenty from the images and a small video on the Tecway website which you can see here. There are several characters to pick from and sporting  events to choose including the long jump, archery, track run, shot put, and tug of war. At least they have an original game to offer, something that taps into the competitive party game genre that is still lacking considerably in modern arcades.

There is a good chance that there is an English version of this that Tecway/Belrare will have available for an international release. I say this as they brought all of their other products over to IAAPA last year and I expect to see this at the Tecway booth at this years IAAPA too.

Sources: Sports Run @ Tecway / Belrare site

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