So a Chicago Bulls Dancer and a Cagefighter walk into an arcade and…

Shaggy August 11, 2010 0

Pic from a video shoot at Raw Thrills

On Raw Thrills’ Twitter feed yesterday, they posted a link to a picture showing a Chicago Bulls Dancer working on a video shoot for something that they are working on. This video shoot also includes a cagefighter from New York. So who wants to guess what these two have to do with each other and how they might fit into a game? Could be doing some last minute filming for Super Bikes 2 as I saw that it reused the crowds from previous games like Tokyo Drift. Or it could be something else – they have filmed people before for use in games like Big Buck Hunter and Safari and Target: Terror but this doesn’t look like it fits into any of those games. Either way it’s rare to see any photos being shared of the behind-the-scenes work in an arcade game in it’s development but we should find out what it’s for soon enough.

BTW- RT has confirmed that all of the original tracks from the first Super Bikes will be in SB2.

UPDATE: More pics from Raw Thrills’ Facebook page. These are definitely for the new Super Bikes 2.

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