BRD's Full Car Motion Simulator that we'll probably never get to play

Shaggy August 27, 2010 0

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I wasn’t sure about running this story as in the description they state that this simulator is made for race drivers and thus not for amusement parks but that might not stop an amusement facility with a lot of extra cash on-hand from getting one, so we’ll take a quick look at this. The simulator in question is by Ball Racing Developments Ltd. or BRD for short. They have developed a new Forumla 1 racing simulator using “Simulator control technology that has been designed by racing drivers for racing drivers [and the] most realistic motion cues for professional racing drivers.” I’m not going to list all of the features it has here as you can just as easily read about it on the website for the machine but it’s worth noting that this simulator tries to reproduce the experience down to creating smoke from the tires. At least the chances of you getting to play this are slightly higher than that Ferrari simulator on the back of a huge robot arm but not by much.

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