Belrare’s Pop Moto brings motorcycle racing to the Chinese market

Shaggy August 30, 2010 0

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While we have mentioned Belrare’s Pop Moto/Dogfight Moto before, we haven’t really seen the game in great detail. It’s trying to make it’s mark into the growing arcade motorcycle racing market, where games like Harley Davidson, Nirin, Speed Rider 2 and Super Bikes 2 are also looking to grab some attention, after the first Super Bikes made quite a splash in sales around the world in 2007.

So how will Pop Moto stand out in that crowd? Where it’s a game developed for the Chinese market that certainly gives it an advantage in the home target market but whether we will see the game elsewhere is simply a guess at this point. I’ve tried contacting Belrare about their games before to no avail so far. Back to the game, Pop Moto is motorcycle racing with a little bit of Mario Kart style fighting to go along with it – or perhaps H2Overdrive if you look carefully at the game’s HUD. The player can grab power-ups including missiles, mines, liquid nitrogen (for a boost) and shields. There are five tracks to choose from, each of which focus on creating a fantasy world to race in as opposed to real surface streets. We’re not sure of a price on this one yet but it is available already so perhaps we’ll see this one, along with several other Belrare games we’ve been discussing lately at IAAPA 2010.

Here’s a video of the game I found on Youtube. The video quality isn’t great but it offers a good idea to how it plays.

You can also see some screenshots on this page that gives a full rundown of the game.

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