Big Buck World celebrates 10 years of Big Buck Hunter this fall

Shaggy September 3, 2010 0

In the latest issue of Replay Magazine (September 2010), they have a cover story on the success of the popular arcade series Big Buck Hunter, along with a tribute to the game’s 10th anniversary this year. As a part of that tribute they also have a scoop on the next game in the series which will be celebrating that anniversary, currently titled Big Buck World. Not much is revealed about the title in the article but it will include new animals and bonuses and promises to combine the two most recent Big Buck titles, Open Season and Safari into one game. Don’t let that stop you from reading the article though, it provides an in-depth look into the history of Play Mechanix and Big Buck Hunter, which is worth a read.

I imagine that the game itself will be as fine-tuned as ever since they’ve been perfecting the concept over the years but there is one area before the customer even starts to play where some tuning is sorely needed.  Big Buck World will certainly continue to have online features provided by the CoinUp network but I hope that they take the opportunity to improve the interface. I have been operating a Safari since I opened my arcade and I jumped on board with the online stuff as soon as it was available but I’ve had trouble in getting most customers to grasp the concept. The online add-ons do really well in bars but to make it more arcade friendly, if there is a way to simplify the process of signing up that would be great. I have often wanted a “cancel’ button on the screen instead of making the user pump the gun a bunch of times to make the timer hit zero and having a voice explain each screen instead of hoping that the user will read the text(which they often don’t even when they are stuck) would be a nice touch as well.  Resolve the issue where the game asks for more coins than it originally advertises under the Trophy Club category would also make life easier for the operator.

There aren’t any shots of the cabinet or the game at this time but you can be sure that as soon as such media is made available, we’ll share it here.

Visit the Play Mechanix website here.

You can also find out more about the September issue of Replay by visiting their Facebook page.

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