King of Kong Saga continues with Steve Wiebe regaining the top score DK crown

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If you still haven’t seen the documentary “The King of Kong” then you might not get why this story sprawls across the internet every now and then. Barring a recap of that film, let’s just sum it up with Steve Wiebe has reclaimed the top spot for the Donkey Kong high score, after a third challenger, Hank Chien went about to setting the record after watching KoK, and then Wiebe’s rival Billy Mitchell topped that score and had continued on as the top player until the announcement this morning. Twin Galaxies reports that Mr. Wiebe now holds the #1 spot with a score of 1,064,500 points. With all the going back and forth on this all we can do is wonder if Mitchell or someone else will manage to best that score. Wiebe’s new score is quite high though and since there is a killscreen in the game to deal with, there isn’t much wiggle room left I imagine.

The press release is after the jump

Steve Wiebe regains Donkey Kong World Record from Billy Mitchell

Twin Galaxies International confirms Washington state school teacher as new champion
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) – Sep 20, 2010 – Official video game scorekeeping organization Twin Galaxies has announced that the World Record on the classic arcade game Donkey Kong has changed hands for the third time this year as former champion Steve Wiebe climbs back into the top spot with a score of 1,064,500 points.

Wiebe last held the Donkey Kong record in spring of 2007, only to be bested by his movie rival Billy Mitchell months later.  Mitchell’s score fell to New York’s Hank Chien in March of this year, but the Florida hot sauce distributor regained the title on July 31 with a score of 1,062,800 points.

Wiebe, who has attempted regaining the record at numerous live events over the years, recorded his championship game on August 30 for submission to Twin Galaxies, who verified and announced the score on Monday, September 20 as the new World Record.

About Twin Galaxies International

Founded in Ottumwa by Walter Day in 1981, Twin Galaxies is the world’s official authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments and now runs from its Twin Galaxies International corporate offices in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Home to over 120,000 verified scores from over 52,000 members around the world, TGI is recognized by Guinness World Records, G4tv, and numerous media outlets as the only official organization for video game record keeping.  TGI has also been featured in 2007’s King of Kong’ and ‘Chasing Ghosts’ documentaries, TVs ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Chuck’ and multiple print publications and as official adjudicators during E3 2009.

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