DeadStorm Pirates 3D as seen at JAMMA

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We have already mentioned how Namco’s latest light-gun shooter will be getting an update in 3D this next spring and for those fortunate enough to make it to JAMMA a couple of weeks ago, they had a chance to play it. Namco created a large booth to allow a large number of people to see the effect at once – once the update is released it should feature a similar cabinet that can actually fit into many locations like the current DSP cabinet.

This same DigiInfo has more videos from JAMMA in case anyone is interested.

I’ll also take this opportunity to talk a little bit about 3DTVs – I had my first chance to test one out at a Costco yesterday on a Panasonic setup. After spending a few minutes checking the TV out with glasses,  I came away with mixed feelings on it. There are some cool aspects to the effect but even with the depth there are some objects that looked pretty flat, which was strange and it doesn’t help that the glasses dissipate a lot of contrast from the monitor. I would still like to see a video game with the effect instead of film although it could be that I didn’t watch the most impressive part of the demo they had running. I will be giving TRON Legacy a chance in 3D when that comes out (I opted for 2D when time came to see AVATAR) but I can see first hand now why this technology has to break free from the glasses (and high prices) to get anywhere.

UPDATE: Speaking of 3D tech in arcades, Konami’s Road Fighters 3D is starting to get some attention on some tech blogs(Engadget, a couple of sites with the word Gizmo in them) .  Obviously the fact that a major company producing a 3D game like this is newsworthy although Konami doesn’t happen to be the only ones working on such technology as we saw at JAMMA (and this post). Will Deadstorm Pirates 3D, Maximum Heat or anything put out on the System Board Y3 eventually grab headlines? We’ll just have to wait and see. None of the Chinese 3D games have managed it so far, including the one that doesn’t even need glasses so who knows.

We talked about Road Fighters 3D upcoming Japanese release a couple of weeks ago, you can revisit that here in case you missed it. Or there is this post for when we first found out about Road Fighters going the 3D route this past April.

Also, Konami just opened a website for the game here

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