IGS introduces Speed Driver 3: Crash Hour

Shaggy September 29, 2010 2

Taiwanese company IGS my not be well-known for their racers but they are working hard at changing that with their Speed Driver series. The game is geared more towards the China/Taiwan market, although it is offered for sale in other territories. Even there competition is fierce as it tries to compete for fans of games like Initial D, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune, and more recent technical racers like Crazy Speed and Road Fighters. Where Speed Driver is on it’s third installment it’s safe to say that there is a fanbase for the game but how large that is, we don’t know.

Flyer for Speed Driver 3

In terms of features, SD3 is taking a page from most of the racers mentioned above by adding an online mode to the mix. Players can save their data using an SD3 card, which is handy since they have 48 different cars to choose from along with 300 tuning parts for each car. Throw in a combat mode, 17 tracks and updated graphics you have another game ready to compete with the better known racers out there. The game is available now, although for what price we don’t know exactly – Wahlap Technology who is distributing the game internationally carries Speed Driver 2(which was released last year) in English and Chinese configurations for $5000 so it’s possible that SD3 will carry a similar price tag.

Thanks to editor, you can access the official Speed Driver 3 website here. Here is the official trailer for the game, thanks to Rick in the comments for finding this


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    there’s link of Speed Driver 3 trailer

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