Monster Eye 3 Launches In China; Heads Stateside In August

arcadehero June 28, 2024 0
Monster Eye 3 Launches In China; Heads Stateside In August

June is about over, but we’ve got a new game to discuss that should satisfy fans of mounted gun arcade games. Let’s take a look at Monster Eye 3, by IGS & Wahlap.

Monster Eye 3 Now Shipping In China

We don’t have many readers from China here, but in case you plan on visiting the country soon and are looking for arcade games, then you might come across the newest one from Wahlap, Monster Eye 3. Borrowing from Sega’s influential Let’s Go Jungle, which put a man & woman character in a situation fighting off giant creatures, this sequel builds upon its predecessors by moving into the realm of 4K graphics while removing elements like the Kinect motion sensor (although it does seem to have one still, just not a Kinect). Even though it doesn’t carry a license, I imagine that this game would do fine in any Western FEC. Being “Godzilla-adjacent” will likely work out fine.

Where that trailer features English subtitles, I reached out to Wahlap and did confirm that they would be sharing more information on the English version in August. As of right now, there is no confirmed Western distributor for the game; the first title was just sold by Wahlap, while the second was sold for a time by Amusement Source International. Perhaps ASI will grab this one, but I’ll ask Cory about that at Bowl Expo next week.

As I often say about DX machines, it would be nice to see a smaller upright model. I know market demand for those isn’t as large, but it sure would be nice to have a shooter that can fit into small spaces on routes. I have a location that wants a shooter right now, but thanks to the elevators, I just can’t fit DX type games in there. Most of what I can choose from has to come from the ’90s, since almost every recent shooter has to take up the space of a 1-bedroom high density apartment.

Anyways, that’s a wider issue – what do you think about Monster Eye 3? Have you played the predecessors? And are you looking forward to this sequel?

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