Arcades at the FER Interazar 2010 show in Spain

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The annual  FER event in Spain may focus primarily on slot machines and other gambling devices but where many casinos have an arcade as a part of their facility, what better place to show off some coin-op games as a part of the event? Check them out below…

Photos by David Liu

Let’s start out with some pinball, specifically New Canasta Pinball by Marsaplay. We’ve covered this game before but this is the first time we’ve seen it at a show. Apparently some people can’t accept it as “real pinball” for some reason or another. Here’s a video showing the game in action where you can determine whether it’s “real” or not.

Stern Pinball also had a presence at the show with some of their latest titles (minus AVATAR)

Here’s another pinball item at the show, although one that decided to go the virtual route. It’s called Pinball Tronic and was at the Bifuca booth.

Sega’s brand new GRID was there in it’s location test form.

And while we’re on drivers, here’s a game called Extreme Speed. It’s unclear who made it though. Judging by the cabinet design it looks more like a simulator kind of racer than a robust arcade one.

Taito’s Panic Museum. I’m starting to loose track of all the different cabinet configurations they keep making for this one

Terminator Salvation. Also behind the Terminator was the popular BarberCut DX by Namco.

Rassen’s Vulcan-M is always good for making an impression. It looks like they’ve added some plastic shielding around the barrel to prevent someone from getting their fingers caught, which is a good idea.

Taito’s quirky and cute Hopping Road.

Marubot Football League is certainly making the international rounds

Guitar Hero Arcade finds safety in a place far, far away from ASCAP

An air hockey table that may or may not be ICE’s Titan

An interesting foosball table called Soccer Pro

A foosball table for kids

There were many more products at the show but as I mentioned at the top of the post, they aren’t the sort of games you’d find on a route/arcade/FEC/etc unless you’re in a place like Vegas.

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