KidZania’s interesting twist on the FEC

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When we normally think of FECs (or Family Entertainment Centers) we generally think of indoor amusement parks that can include a number of activities from rides to mini-golf, skating, lazer tag and an arcade. But a new kind of FEC that has been developed by a company called KidZania is looking to expand all around the world that will break away from the standard idea of an FEC mentioned.

The idea behind KidZania is to create “kid-sized cities inside of shopping malls”. In these “cities”, kids can take control of a job to better learn about real-life work by running a business

A street at one KidZania

(under adult supervision) while there. Some of the businesses they can get a hands-on experience with include: a candy shop, ice cream factory, bottling plant, veterinarian, bakery, a newspaper, TV station, different culinary shops and a radio station. They also have Game Rooms available, giving arcades a way into the whole thing. Kids can earn their own virtual currency (called Kidzos) which can be used to buy products at other shops within KidZania.   One person spearheading the effort in the US is a former Nintendo executive who has had great success with that company as well as some others. Over a dozen KidZania locations will be in operation by 2011 and by 2013 the first US locations will begin making their debut. You can read more about KidZania by visiting their official website.

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