Sega teases IAAPA line-up with several new games

arcadehero October 9, 2010 6

The next big show to feature new arcade products, IAAPA, is a little over a month away and as we get closer to the event, companies are beginning to tease the products that they will be bringing along to the show.

Sega has sent out a press release teasing their line-up of games and it’s looking like they will have one of their strongest rosters in sometime. They are promising to bring 33 titles to the show, with the split being “14 ticket redemption games, 12 video games, 3 coin pushers, 3 prize vendors and 1 photo booth.” While the focus on redemption isn’t new for Sega, the number of titles certainly is and one of the highlights of their redemption line-up will be the return of Super Monkey Ball. No pictures have been shown of the game yet but one distributor, BMI Gaming already has the title listed on their “Upcoming Products” page.

The video side is also an exciting prospect with twelve titles looking to dazzle attendees, seven of them Sega promises have “never [been] displayed before”. They mention GRID, Let’s Go Island, Giant Tetris and a standard version of Harley Davidson: King of the Road – two of those were seen at the private Sega Europe show that was held a few weeks ago but this will be the first time the games will have been seen in the US. I imagine that Giant Tetris is the new 47″ version that doesn’t use a projector, otherwise the game will be the same. This also means that three games haven’t been revealed yet – hopefully they aren’t all different cabinet configurations of something we’ve seen before and there is an indication that one of them is brand new. On that BMI Gaming page I mentioned earlier you will also see an entry for a new Sega title called Golden Gun.   For now all we know is that it’s a light-gun game (I do wonder if the title is paying homage to Golden Axe at all – which is a game that would be great to see in arcades again) and it starts shipping in December.

As for the other two games we can have some fun speculating as to what it might be. 🙂

As for IAAPA itself, rest assured that we will have it covered whether I personally make it there or not. At the moment I am unsure as to whether I will be able to make the trip thanks to an unexpected medical bill that popped up recently (everything is fine now so no worries there).   IAAPA takes place in Orlando, FL the week of November 15th.

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  1. arcades4ever October 10, 2010 at 3:45 am - Reply

    that golden sun title makes me think of that game that was made by nintendo which also has the same name rather than golden axe, unless sega and nintendo has got together like what they did with F-zero arcade LOL but I can’t imagine that happening but you never know. golden sun isn’t one of the 3 unreveiled games is it?

    • arcadehero October 10, 2010 at 6:44 am - Reply

      It’s Golden Gun actually, shares some similarities with House of the Dead 4. Nik (HeavyElectricity) has seen it in action and could get into more detail. 🙂

      • Arcades4ever October 10, 2010 at 7:44 am - Reply

        Tut I see now LOL I always keep miss reading lately. Could heavy electricity tell us what are the control features and where it’s testing and which country?

  2. Molloy October 15, 2010 at 6:35 am - Reply

    There’s been a Harley Davidson machine on location in a bar in Dublin for couple of months now. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

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