Arcade Aid updated, plus new arcade art exhibit in NYC

arcadehero October 24, 2010 1

We’ve got two separate stories to start the week off with here first being a follow-up to part of the TRON Legacy viral marketing campaign. Remember Arcade Aid? It has been greatly updated to V2 and it now includes up to 167 titles for you to try and figure out, up 110 from the previous 57. Previously figuring out all of the games from the visual clues got you an Encom security badge (which I often wear at the arcade as a part of my uniform – geeky, I know) but so far I haven’t heard what you might win for guessing all of the new items. I haven’t had the time yet to sit down and figure them out and it’s made harder by the occasional inclusion of console games (some even as far back as the Atari 2600) but most of the games are still arcade titles which is good. It’s great to see them still giving a nod to so many obscure titles on top of that – like Atari’s Pool Shark, Taito’s Record Breaker, Cinematronics Tailgunner, Midway’s Hit The Ice or even the old Disney PC adventure game for Ducktales.

You can go here for the new Arcade Aid, which includes an updated site that includes more than just this online game – the site has board repair and replacement art for fantasy Encom arcade games, perhaps you’ll be able to order the artwork at one point. Maybe they will even sell the parts so anyone can build their own Space Paranoids machine, which would be rather neat.

Next up is something sent in by the Stinger Report, making part of this post Newsfeed 945.

It comes to the internet via Kotaku where one of the editors took a tour of the Babycastles Arcade, an art exhibit in New York City that gives props to arcade cabinets as the name implies. Perhaps the more unusual part of the exhibit is where they encouraged hugging arcade machines. As it is an art exhibit, there are a number of unique cabinet designs there and the indie game Nidhogg(which has been seen at other indie game events in an arcade cabinet of its own) is once again taking up a spot this time in a rustic wood cabinet. Video and more pictures found here.

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