Universal Space to introduce Waterpark Splash at IAAPA

arcadehero October 30, 2010 1

Thanks to The Stinger Reportfor the information

While we tend not to get into ticket redemption titles here on Arcade Heroes, the surge in video redemption games over the past couple of years has blurred the line enough for us to make an exception on these particular games. On occasion we see one with enough content to it that I think it warrants a video-only release as well (Sea Wolf: The Next Mission was one of those games and it did have a video-only option made available). It’s guaranteed that we will see a few of these kinds of games at IAAPA (which takes place on the week of November 15th) and Universal Space(also called UNIS) has sent along some details on one of those games which will be debuting at the show.

Called Waterpark Splash, this new game has the players spraying water on the screen to hit the video targets. There are 6 mini-games built into the game and judging by the video below, the graphics aren’t bad either. These elements turn into something you would expect on the midway at an amusement park as I know that squirt gun games are common there, but you don’t see this sort of thing popping up in video games all that often. UNIS also has a new redemption product called Platinum Heights which they will be showing off but what I hope to see is some more video content from them. At last year’s show they had an in-house developed game called Ultimate as well as a Cooking Mama video redemption game and a couple of IGS titles. I imagine that we could also see Crazy Speed make an appearance but so far all they have confirmed are the two redemption games mentioned above.

As far as IAAPA goes, I will be there along with a couple of other AH contributors and we have a few things planned for the show. We’ll be sure to get pictures and video, I’ll be doing a podcast with Kevin Williams and Phil Arrington and I will be doing a video webcast straight from the show floor which I hope to have embedded on the site properly this time so those of you who can’t make it there physically can see what is there without wearing your feet out.

[Universal Space website]

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