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arcadehero November 15, 2010 2

The IAAPA expo starts tomorrow and I leave for it tonight. Here are some links where you can stay updated with what’s going on:

If I can manage some decent internet access, I will update the main site here with either pictures or video as the access permits. Otherwise, I will constantly be updating the Arcade Heroes Twitter feed with comments and pictures from my phone. Any videos I can upload will first be posted to my Youtube channel.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Phil Arrington and I will be doing a live webcast from the show floor via Vokle. You’ll be able to chat with us, asking questions about what you see as well as requesting to see certain booths/items from the show floor. That will begin around 2PM EST on Wednesday.

If I have to wait for internet access then expect few updates to the site from tomorrow through Thursday with a huge update coming on Friday. I haven’t heard much else so far on what to expect although a couple of my guesses for new were confirmed with Sega bringing the new Golden Gun and standard edition of Harley Davidson to the show.

Until the next update!


  1. Arcades4ever November 16, 2010 at 2:36 am - Reply

    It figures why I couldn’t find any images from the show. I expected to be viewing them yesterday not later on :/ I can’t wait especially for the 2 sega mystery games 🙂

  2. Eric November 16, 2010 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    Sadly I couldn’t make it to the Expo but if you could tell me if Apple Industries has the Mobile Star Studio karaoke machine in their booth it would be much appreciated..! Thanks

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