New trailer for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

arcadehero December 4, 2010 0

Newsfeed 966 via The Stinger Report

While most everyone is collectively going crazy over the revelation of two new characters in this trailer that Capcom has produced to hype up SSFIV AE, I was more intrigued by the overall trailer itself, showing off the many features that the arcade version will have and generally working to get players excited about the new game. It would be nice if we saw more trailers of this caliber being produced by companies who are making arcade titles, we see one every now and then but not consistently. Back on the subject of SSFIV, I’m sure that new characters are enough to get some fans worked up (especially since it’s all but guaranteed that Capcom will release them for the console version soon enough; something Joystiq makes absolutely sure to point out so as to not worry people since arcade exclusive content would certainly be sacrilege) but from an arcade perspective I want to know everything going on with the game that will help set it apart in it’s own special way. Unfortunately you have to understand Japanese to get everything down but the visual way they set it up should help you get the gist of it all.

SSFIV will be released in Japan on December 16th, a couple of days after the new Blazblue Continuum Shift II and a day before Darius Burst. As for US locations that will be getting one, they will be few but if they originally picked up SFIV Arcade then it’s a safe bet to check them out. Then again, since Capcom is prone to making sure that content wise there is little difference between the console and arcade versions, I’m sure many places will save themselves several thousand quid and just get the game running in a Game Gate VU.

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