Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade coming next week

arcadehero December 9, 2010 3

It’s been quite a while since we first heard about Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade (April 2009 is when the rumors began flying) and finally Konami will be bringing the game to arcades this next week. While originally Konami suggested that it would be a worldwide release, they have not shown the game anywhere else except in Japan although that won’t stop intrepid importers from picking the game up here and there. Perhaps they will see how the game does in Japan first and go from there but one thing that could certainly hold the game back is the hefty price tag of around $22k USD per unit (before taxes and shipping). This comes from some of the technology behind this game – a stereoscopic 3D screen, head-tracking goggles and a unique light-gun controller. Big price tags like that have kept many arcade releases limited but if you’re ever in Japan and drop by a large arcade center then chances are you can come across one.

In preparation for the game’s release, Konami has published a new website for the game which will detail information regarding the release as it occurs. You can visit that website here. Also, here is a new trailer for the game Konami just released although it shows nothing of the game itself. For that you can check out the second video.

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