The story behind a unique arcade game about Waffles

arcadehero December 13, 2010 2

The holiday season is always good for a heart warming story and Kotaku has one they published today that involves a waffle restaurant in Eugene, Ore., a unique arcade game made as a gift to that location and as a gift to one of the designers – a 14 yr. old boy from humble conditions who wants to get into game design. The restaurant is called Off The Waffle(click for their website), they specialize in making authentic liège waffles. They also have a barter system, which is where this whole idea came about.

Called Off The Waffle: The Arcade Game, it features eight mini-games that somehow involve waffles, it has simple controls, a unique wooden cabinet and it can only be found at the Off The Waffle restaurant. You can see the software in action via the video below.  Read the whole story here @ Kotaku.


  1. Jarett December 13, 2010 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    Such a cool story! Thanks for posting it!

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