Metal Gear Arcade, Penguins and Pizza, all in one post

arcadehero December 16, 2010 0

As I need to catch up a little on updating the website here(updates might still be a little spotty over the next few days), I am going to combine a couple of Stinger Report newsfeeds into one post.

First off, Newsfeed 969 is a link showing us a glance at some new game from China called Penguin Paradise. No clue who made it although the artwork does seem very similar to what is used by Subsino in their Kung Fu Ball arcade game. It’s similar to Ballistic and a few other videmption-type games that involve throwing a ball at the screen. The website claims it’s the first 3D ball throwing game which would only be true if it’s stereoscopic 3D and I don’t see any 3D glasses mounted to the cabinet in this image.  Here’s the link but there’s really not much info there, the pic is gigantic and might crash your browser.

Next up, Newsfeed 970 – John’s Incredible Pizza Co. (not to be confused with America’s Incredible Pizza Co.) is going to be expanding outside of California. In addition to the pizza, they also offer various entertainment options including arcade games. They have a location under construction in Oregon and they have overcome a hurdle in Moorestown, NJ to open a location at the Moorestown Mall there. That hurdle had to do with city ordinances prohibiting arcade games and with those now out the way, a company like JIPC can open their doors there.  It’s good to have another story of the barriers coming down against the industry but I wonder how many other cities out there still prohibit the existence of arcades. You can read the full story here @ Or visit the John’s Incredible Pizza Website.

Next up is not a Stinger newsfeed but some of you might be interested in this: has a complete rundown of Metal Gear Arcade(including how the controls work), which will receive it’s full release a few days later than we were originally told – it comes out on the 20th in Japan. So between that, Super Street Fighter IV(released today) and Darius burst Another Chronicle(tomorrow) this week, it’s a great time to be in Japan.

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