Reminder: Arcade Heroes GOTY 2010 polls close tomorrow

arcadehero January 21, 2011 0

As per the headline, the polls we opened towards the end of December for a vote on your pick for the 2010 Arcade Game of the Year close tomorrow. I kept them open for a month to give everyone ample time to not only pick a game but also to hopefully come across some of these games at a venue nearby. If you’ve voted already, then thanks! If not, hop to it!

There are going to be TWO GOTY picks – one for North America/Europe and one for Asia. At the time I write this, Terminator Salvation is currently #1 on the first poll and Darius Burst Another Chronicle comfortably leading the second poll.

Arcade Game of the Year Poll – North America/Europe

Arcade Game of the Year – Asia

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