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Every year, we start out with a few months of arcade shows to look forward to as companies give us a look at what games they have to offer at the beginning of the year. We’ve got shows like EAG in the UK every January, AOU in Japan every February and in March there is the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas in the US. With AOU coming up as the next big show, several Japanese companies have launched special websites for the event. There isn’t much to talk about yet but these pages will be updated as AOU approaches with information on new games and what to expect there.Konami has revealed a new version of their Jubeat series called Jubeat Copious and a new train game called My Electric Person. For both Taito and Sega, there aren’t any revelations yet, Sega has listed some games we’ve already seen but they generally add more as the show approaches. I fully expect to see InitialD6 there since that was on location test in Japan recently.

Also as the show approaches some new games by smaller companies have been unveiled. There are a couple of new fighters expected, one called Aquapazza by Examu (makers of the Arcana Heart series) and a 2D fighter with weapons called Koihime Dream. G.Rev has unveiled Seisou Kouki Strania (thanks to Casey from Japhei for that) will be at the show as that receives both a NESiCA and XBLA release this spring. Namco will have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on hand as well. Am-Net has links to stories on all of these games. I hope we’ll see further progress on some of those non-glasses 3D technologies that both Taito and SIE Electronics showed off at JAMMA last year.

Konami’s AOU Special Site

Sega’s AOU Special site

Taito’s AOU special site

AOU Main site

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