AOU 2011 Day 2: More videos!

arcadehero February 19, 2011 2

Here’s more follow-up on the AOU 2011 expo and today we have more to watch in terms of videos!click below for videos of Let’s Go Island 3D, Chaos Code, Taito’s booth, NESiCAXLIVE, Aquapazza, Tekken Tag 2, Koihime Dream and more!

If you want to know what it’s like to wander around the show floor, then I would say this is the video to watch as that’s all it is – walking around AOU 2011. It certainly gives you a feel for navigating through the throngs of people that were there.

Sega’s Let’s Go Island 3D – Just in case we haven’t emphasized the whole 52″ 3D screen that requires no glasses enough yet, here’s a video showing it off for the first time.

Here is a direct trailer of LGI3D but I don’t have a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to test it out with.

Sega also had a new version of their Project DIVA Arcade machine there

Everyone seemed to have a fighter game at AOU and Sega was no exception. Here is their latest 2D fighter running off Ringwide, Chaos Code. One thing I’m not sure about is how this game is related to Project Cerebus – either they are based in the same “universe” or this is what PC became.

One thing I am surprised to NOT see is Initial D6. That was on test a short time ago and Sega has it slated for an early March release in Japan, so I wonder why they decided not to show it off?

Taito Booth Tour – Includes footage of the new Haunted Museum II (known as Panic Museum everywhere else), Music Gun Gun 2, NESiCA and more.

Speaking of Taito, Arcade Belgium has a trailer for their new Sonic Blast Heroes that was at the show. It seems like a slightly less weird version of the Dining Table game they had been pushing the past couple of years; I think this is a game that would probably do well overseas. I’m a little surprised to see that Darius wasn’t there, it may have been released already but it’s only about a month and a half old.

One thing Taito was really pushing at AOU was their NESiCAxLIVE platform. Here is a video showing a nice chunk of their line-up for this system so far, it certainly has a solid roster of games. Now we just need it outside of Japan.

Here’s a video of the new 2D fighter by Examu, Aquapazza

And for the heck of it, some more Tekken Tag Tournament 2

And while we’re at it with the fighters, some Koihime Dream


  1. Arcades4ever February 19, 2011 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Hopefully with darious not making an appearance can possibly be a good thing with it not appearing at eag this year. There hasn’t been an arcade shmp for years now and darious would do just right and why waste money translating it into English? I do find it weird missing in action at this show.

    As for let’s go island will it have new features that extend the story or is it just the same game but with a 3D glasses less monitor? From the looks of it it looks like the main characters Nora and Ben are not the main characters now like in let’s go jungle and also does the 3D version use motion seats?

    I think Taito should give it a try with that table tipping game as I think it would do well in the west just like what’s happened with taitos hopping road which I can find even near my nearest arcade and music gun gun since elevator action is coming out here 🙂

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