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It’s March and that means it’s time for Amusement Expo (formerly ASI). Last year there were a few announcements to talk about before the show but so far this year has been a little more low key. Still, there are some games to look forward to, here is what we know for sure will be there:

Sega will have a number of games to show off including Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Standard (the standard note was from the Sega press release – could a larger, deluxe version be in the works? It’s certainly possible since they made deluxe versions of Sega Rally 3 and GRID) and Let’s Go Island Up-Right. The latter has been seen in advertisements and images but so far we haven’t seen it appear at any show. Both of these games are slated for shipping in March. Sega will have many more games at the show, which you can read about in the press release after the break. Also they just released Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz, which we have a video of below, courtesy of BMI Gaming

Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix have announced that a new version of their CoinUp arcade network will be launched at the show but we haven’t heard about any new games yet. I imagine that we will see the 42″ version of Super Cars which was at EAG 2011, Big Buck World and Super Bikes 2 as well, but we will have to wait and see if there are any other surprises.

Namco has been quiet so far so I imagine that we will see the latest version of Robo Restle (perhaps with the robot announcer that they talked about at IAAPA), Dead Heat, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and Go Go Grand Prix. Namco usually has a new product to show off in March so perhaps there is a surprise waiting for us there as well.

GlobalVR has been very quiet since IAAPA – their King of the Big Wheel videmption item was a surprise at that show, as was the new cabinet configuration of Aliens: Extermination but it’s hard to say what else they might happen to have.

Adrenaline Amusements will be bringing the latest versions of their TouchFX coin-op platform, including a new special edition of Fruit Ninja FX.

InJoy Motion Corp. will be there but I do not know if they will have anything new after what we saw at IAAPA, could be a surprise here as well.

Coast To Coast Entertainment should be bringing Friction again, I wonder if we’ll get a glimpse at the full dedicated version of the game or not.

Stern should have Rolling Stones Pinball there, maybe a limited edition of Avatar pinball as well.

Andamiro should also be there to show off their latest Fiesta 2011 EX software in the new GX cabinet.

I haven’t heard anything about Pentavision Global’s line-up but there are usually on hand to show something.  Hopefully there is a surprise or two in store not only from these many companies we have mentioned above but maybe even someone new. If anything big happens, I will be updating the Arcade Heroes Twitter feed from my phone so stay tuned!

Press release:


SEGA’S Exhibiting an Industry Leading 21 Titles at Amusement Expo 2011 Including Two Never Before Seen – Let’s Go Island Up Right and Sonic & SEGA All-Star’s Racing ARCADE Standard

Elk Grove Village, IL February 28, 2011- SEGA will be showcasing another full slate of outstanding product at Amusement Expo, 2011.  The company will also be displaying games at the International Pizza Expo that runs concurrently with this year’s Amusement Expo.

About SEGA’S Amusement Expo Line up

SEGA’S showing no signs of slowing down.  The company is set to roll out an impressive 21 titles at this week’s Amusement Expo including two exciting new games, Let’s Go Island 32″ Up Right and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing ARCADE 32″ Standard.  “We’re bringing something for every buyer and location type,” said Sega Sales Manager, Vince Moreno.   “Almost all of the games on display are either shipping now or will be shipping within the next 30 days so come ready to buy because we’re ready to ship!”

SEGA’S Amusement Expo Booth #319 & International Pizza Expo Booth #1467 will be home to a number of great games covering a wide variety of categories including:

* Video Amusement

o       Hummer MDX – Available Now
o       Golden Gun MDX – Available Now
o       Rambo MDX – Available Now
o       Let’s Go Island Motion Deluxe – Available Now
o       Let’s Go Island Non-Motion Deluxe – Available Now
o       Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing ARCADE Standard – Available in March
o       Let’s Go Island Up Right – Available in March
o       Giant Tetris – Available in March
o       GRID Standard – Available in April

* Video Ticket Redemption

o       Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz – Available Now
o       Pig’s Might Fly  – Available Now

* Mechanical Ticket Redemption

o       Cuckoo Clock – Available Now
o       Sonic Basketball – Available Now
o       Sonic Air Hockey – Available Now
o       Space Ship – Available in Spring
o       Spinarama – Available in Spring

* Shooting Gallery with Ticket Redemption

o       Side Show 3 Player – Available Now

* Mechanical Prize Vending

o       Key Master – Available in March

* Video Prize Vending

o       Code Red – Available in Spring

* Coin Pusher

o       Classic American Road Trip – Available in Spring

* Multi-Game Platform

o       Game Gate – Available in March

Special Offers from SEGA

At the show, buyers are encouraged to take advantage of 2 limited time offers from SEGA…

* Free Freight – Up to $350 Per Game – Until March 31, 2011

o       Cuckoo Clock – Ticket Redemption
o       Sonic Basket Ball – Ticket Redemption
o       Sonic Air Hockey – Ticket Redemption
o       Pig’s ‘Might’ Fly – Ticket Redemption

* 0% 18 Month ‘or’ 4.9% 30 Month Firestone Financing – Until March 31, 2011

o       Cuckoo Clock – Ticket Redemption
o       Hummer MDX -Video Amusement
o       Golden Gun MDX – Video Amusement
o       Rambo MDX – Video Amusement

For more information, please contact your Local Authorized Sega Distributor or Sega Sales Representative:

Tom Keil: (224) 659-4322 or
Vince Moreno: (224) 265-4271 or
Pete Gustafson: (224) 265-4281 or

About Sega Amusements USA, Inc.

Serving the North and South American markets, Sega Amusements USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sega Corporation, Japan. Sega Amusements USA, Inc. is an industry leader in creating state-of-the-art interactive video, self contained merchandising, and redemption game play experiences through the utilization of complementary technologies and devices to enhance player enjoyment and loyalty. Products range from single-player upright video games, to self-contained merchandising games, to multiplayer attendant operated simulators.

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