DIY Digital Pinball machine

arcadehero March 17, 2011 0

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Building your own real life pinball machine can be a bit of a doozy – it’s not impossible but it takes quite a bit of work to go about it. So if you want something pinball related in your home that you can do yourself, the next best thing is to make a digital pinball machine.

Of course putting together a digital pinball machine still requires some carpentry skills on your part, but if you need a starting point then you can look over these steps for making a “Pintendo” machine for your own place can be found here on,which was put together by a user there by the name of TBarclay.  The software end is easy enough to cover since those are free downloads you can find online, from there it’s a matter of buying the hardware and then putting together your design, however that may be.

I personally wouldn’t go for a digital pin table if I were to build one myself, I would want to go full out real but I can see the appeal, especially since pre-made tables are easily available for the software platform in question.

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