The Saga of Kong continues with Doctor Kong

arcadehero March 18, 2011 1

The competition for the top score for the arcade version of Donkey Kong hasn’t settled down recently and it’s unlikely that it will anytime soon. A good reason for that is the existence of The King Of Kong documentary, which influenced a plastic surgeon by the name of Hank Chien to go after the record as well. After setting the record once only to be beaten by Steve Wiebe afterwards, Dr. Chien set the record again on Feb. 27th, holding the record with 1,090,400 points.

To document the on-going saga to obtain the DK world record, a short documentary has been produced by Alexis Neophytides showcasing Dr. Chien’s part in all of this – a sort of addendum to The King of Kong. You can see the trailer below, as well as visit the official website for more information.

Via Kotaku

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  1. buy silver March 28, 2011 at 1:20 am - Reply

    Not only did he break the old record set by Hank Chien but he also set a new world record for Donkey Kong Junior His new score records were verified live at Boomers-Grand Prix Arcade in Florida by veteran Twin Galaxies referees Todd Rogers and MorningDove Mahoney..Billys new record for DK Junior is 1 270 900 points. Hank Chiens old record for Donkey Kong was 1 061 700 points and Billy barreled past that with ease stopping when he got to 1 062 800 points. When he was asked why he stopped shortly after passing the old record he had this to say . Some say I m being cocky.

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