Jersey Jack Pinball & Pinball Planetary Supply sign pact

arcadehero March 27, 2011 0

(Thanks to Jon L. For the tip!)

While we’ve all been eagerly awaiting to see the pinball game from Jersey Jack Pinball, Wizard of Oz Pinball, they have been working behind the scenes building up other aspects of their business to properly compete. One of those means has been to sign an agreement with Planetary Pinball Supply, who we heard last year had obtained the rights to produce Bally/Williams parts and games. They also hold various Williams patents, including Pinball 2000.

For this new agreement, PPS will supply parts for new Jersey Jack Pinball games including Bally and Williams parts, have access to about 40 patents and PPS will also supply some functions in building and designing new JJP games. What this all means is that JJP games will be using parts which have been proven to work and in particular parts that use popular technology that Bally/Williams had access to. And who knows, maybe Pinball 2000 will be given another chance at life down the road as well?

The news of this new agreement came out of Texas Pinball Festival yesterday (the festival started on Friday and continues until today) and you can read the whole thing here.


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