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One show that seems to be gaining more traction every year is DEAL 2011 – an amusement expo that takes place in Dubai. Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report was there and thanks to him, we’ve got pictures from the event below.

Allrighty then…nice way to start things off eh?

Highway 66 mini-bowler gets some high marks from the crowd

Now onto some video games. Dino Suvivor by Tecway was on hand in a new cabinet. We’ve covered this one previously as a game that had an enclosed theater cabinet similar to Let’s Go Jungle along with 3D glasses. This deluxe version has dropped the 3D for a more traditional experience.

Here’s another light-gun shooter that’s a bit different – Cube Shooter by a company called Zeroplus. Interesting concept for a redemption game.

Since we’re on the subject of light-gun games, how about the big daddy in this arena, Vulcan M by Rassen. We’ve covered it before which you read about how awesome the chaingun on this thing is.

Taito’s Elevator Action Death Parade was there, I’ve seen this in shows all over the world except the US even though it’s available here. Maybe at the next IAAPA.

Some touchscreen action with Pentavision Global’s DJ Max Technika 2 on the right and Adrenaline Amusement’s Fruit Ninja FX on the left. In the 2nd pic, a triple monitor setup of TouchFX running Fruit Ninja FX.

I really want to see some footage of this game in action, called Ocean Force. It was supposed to come over to the US at one point but that fell through. It’s supposedly like a more grown-up version of Sea Wolf: The Next Mission, developed by Taiwanese company IGS.

That’s right kids, just walk into the genie’s gaping jaws, everything will be just fine.

Here are some games we’ve seen a few times before – Pump It Up Fiesta EX 2011, Panic Museum, Razing Storm and Dead Heat

Super Bikes 2 by Raw Thrills. I wonder if they disabled the girls for this particular show or not.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade. In case you missed it, this is already available, it was released just last month. Second in line is Sega Golden Gun.  Also a far off view of the Sega area, including a Pac-Man Battle Royale (Namco) missing it’s marquee)

I saw this briefly at IAAPA last year – MOCAP Games’ system for precise motion control, made for the amusement industry. The precision requires all of that extra gear but from what I saw, it was spot on.

Yeah so there are seminars at these expos too. I’ve never been to one so far, Kevin usually attends a few however.

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to be “inspired” by Taito’s Sonic Blast Heroes – this is Live Boxer by Zhongshan Guang Yang Amusement.

InJoy Motion brought along Street Racing Stars, Top Gunner and Dido Kart, all being lovingly watched over by the genie from Aladdin.

Now it’s GalacTix’s turn to be flattered by a similar Chinese made game which also is a quick coin game and involves space.

Ah China, you crazy cats. Ripping off licenses without giving a tinker’s dang about anything.

But at least on occasion there is something that only recycles something like a control scheme, like this Miracle Book, which looks to be something a little like Deal Or No Deal but with it’s own unique software in place.

From left to right: Terminator Salvation, Fast and Furious Super Cars Deluxe, Nascar Team Racing Deluxe

Another new racing game to add to the list, this one by Xiongye Technologies based in China but it’s not a knockoff as far as I can tell. Here’s Speeder Max and graphically it looks all right. Not sure what else it has going for it in the ever increasing crowd of racing games though.

The Mini-Rider 3D by Simuline. You sit inside this with 3D glasses, pick a film to play and it takes you on a virtual ride.

Speaking of 3D/4D/WhateverD games, the popular XD Theater by TrioTech

They like to spice up the after-show dinner party with dancing girls at DEAL. Maybe she was just warming up for the crowd that was sure to come later?


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