The arcade success of Made In Asia 3

arcadehero April 11, 2011 1

If you have an expo dedicated to Asian culture, it certainly can seem like something is lacking if there are no arcade games there.  That was the case until this year with the Made In Asia Expo, which is held annually at the Brussels Expo center in Brussels, Belgium. Thanks to our friends at Arcade Belgium, show attendees would have a chance to play from a wide selection of arcade cabinets from Asia and as it turned out, it was a big success with plenty of queues of people waiting to play. Arcade Belgium also ran a couple of tournaments: one for Hyper Street Fighter II and one for BlazBlue Continuum Shift.   According to Nomax of AB:

During the show, we had many more visitors than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubi Soft and Square-Enix. Nearly nobody played the PS3, PSP and Kinect. Nintendo had some people trying out the 3DS, but the lack of ground breaking titles (no SSF4 3D) diminished the impact so there were no queues in front of their consoles while our stand was continuously crowded.The show organizer asked us to put retro titles such as Pac-Man, Wonderboy and such. But the theme of the show was Japanese culture and manga / animes so we put manga related titles in the cabs instead (all our cabs were 31k/jvs anyway so…). […]Our stand was full packed the whole weekend with all games being played without interruption. Saturday was the busiest day with queues of people in front of each machine. This proves that arcade games are still very popular not only to nostalgic people but also to the younger generation. To our surprise, many visitors had never had the chance to touch a joystick before (we feel old). Note that Made In Asia 3 has attracted more than 16,000 visitors, which confirms its growing success.

For a full photo journal of Arcade Belgium’s booth at the event, click here. There is also this video below

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