New FEC opening in Castleton, Indiana

arcadehero April 16, 2011 0

Image from a sister location in Florida called Latitude 30

Newsfeed 1031 via The Stinger Report

News has been very slow on the arcade front lately, so much so that I’ve been writing up an editorial article that I just haven’t been able to finish quite yet. Fortunately, we have a story today about a new 70,000 sq. ft. Family Entertainment Center opening up soon in Indiana, a place that will be called Latitude 39, which will open up in the city of Castleton. As an FEC, that means will will offer a variety of amusement choices to customers, including a bowling alley, restaurant, concert hall (not a component you see too often in FECs), a sports area, a dance area and of course a “game room” for arcades.They don’t give out any specifics on that game room in the press release although a second location is mentioned there called Latitude 30 in Florida and I imagine that the game room in Latitude 39 will be quite similar, where they have some of the latest arcade titles such as Dead Heat, Super Bikes 2, NASCAR Team Racing, Terminator Salvation, Galactix, Tippin’ Bloks, Deadstorm Pirates, Stomper DLX, and more.  Basically expect to see some of the latest games in their deluxe form if available.

A date hasn’t been announced for the location at this time as it’s just in the proposal stages at this point but if you are in the area then it’s another amusement center to look forward to visiting.



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