Classic Game Room tackles classic arcade games

arcadehero May 18, 2011 1

(Thanks to IGO for the tip)

The Classic Game Room is a large series of video reviews found on Youtube where these guys review games for any game system they can get their hands-on. It’s great as they expose some gems to people that might otherwise be lost to time. And while most of the reviews have focused on home consoles, not long ago they began reviewing arcade games. Here are a few of those reviews:

Stern’s Lost Tomb – I’m glad they reviewed this. I had heard of it but never played it or bothered to look it up previously.

Joust 2 – Rare, weird and much harder than the first

Star Castle – I once passed up an opportunity to buy one of these.

They also have reviewed some pinball machines like TX-Sector

Discs of Tron – The game that started it all for me when I was about six and wandering the incredibly dark arcade of the 49th Street Galleria back in ’88. They didn’t have the full ‘environment’ version of the game as shown here, it was missing the seat. But the game was still mesmerizing and set me on a course to one day have an arcade of my own.

I look forward to seeing what other arcade games they plan to review in the future.


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  1. igo May 21, 2011 at 6:17 am - Reply

    They just added stargate pinball:

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