National Pinball Museum looking for a new place to stay after lease revoked

arcadehero May 27, 2011 1

This past December in the Washington D.C. area, a new location dedicated solely to pinball machines opened it’s doors called the National Pinball Museum. Everything seemed to be going fine for the location, which houses about 50 pinball machines (news stories say 200 but their website lists 51) at a third-floor location in The Shops at Georgetown Park until the new mall management decided to revoke the Museum’s lease last week, giving them 60 days to figure out where to go.

Seeing how the owner spent over $300k of his own money to make the location happen in the first place, he’s not giving up easily and has begun the hunt for a new location. They are accepting donations as well, seeing how moving locations isn’t free and it’s certainly damaging to any business reputation when people hear that it is closing, forced or not. At the moment, they will be open until July 4th, 2011, here’s hoping they have success in finding a new place that won’t give them the boot after letting them in.

[Via The Washington Post]

[Visit the National Pinball Museum website]

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