First screens of Golden Tee 2012

arcadehero June 9, 2011 0

Incredible Technologies is still some months away from launching the next installment of their ever-popular Golden Tee series and to get the marketing train started, IT has begun showing off some teaser screenshots from Golden Tee 2012. The screens can comment for themselves but from what I’ve seen, they seem to have improved the color-palette and the water effects are pretty nice sharp from the looks of it. The game could still use some anti-aliasing to get rid of those jaggies. I know where it’s Golden Tee it doesn’t need to run on the Crysis engine to gain sales (although it would be interesting to see the game run at that level of detail). They also point out on the blog that these aren’t complete views of the game, as it’s still in development more detail will likely be added and things will change. More screens can be found on the Golden Tee Blog.

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