TRON Pinball now out in the wild + flyer

arcadehero June 16, 2011 2

One of the most popular news items we’ve had on the site recently would have to be Stern Pinball’s TRON Legacy Pinball. The TRON franchise has an interwoven relationship with arcades but since Discs of Tron in 1983, we haven’t had any new Tron games for venues to enjoy. Granted there hasn’t been a new movie until 2010 but the lack of an arcade video game based upon the new movie is a little bit of a sore spot. Fortunately we now can enjoy a TRON product in arcades with Stern’s TRON Pinball which is now being found in various locations around the world. The video below shows a kid getting some time on the machine at the Reciprocal Skate Shop, NYC (where recently the current cast of Dr. Who dropped by to play some Dr. Who pinball)

Now for that flyer I promised. I came across Stern’s sales flyer for TRON Pinball today and I’ve uploaded some scans, which you can see by continuing below

If it appears pretty dark, that’s actually the flyer itself, I tried enhancing it in GIMP but there is only so much that could be done with the source material




  1. brett June 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    nice 🙂

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