More details on Wizard of Oz Pinball

arcadehero June 20, 2011 1

The time is fast approaching that Stern Pinball will have a serious competitor to deal with and enticing details on the first game by Jersey Jack Pinball continue to trickle out showing just how heated the competition is going to get. Yesterday they sent out a release teasing further details of how their Wizard of Oz pibnall machine, whether you care for the license or not, will be breaking some new ground, giving players the depth they have been longing for from a genre where innovation has been languishing in stagnation for some time now.

One of the things we learn is that in this game, the pinball represents Dorothy. The playfield is divided into two parts – the right side representing “Good” and the left side representing “Evil”.  There are at least two separate mini-playfields on the game, which feature their own flippers. There is a flying monkey toy which can capture the pinball and you must play the Witch’s Castle mini-playfield in the upper left to release it. The mini-playfield on the right which features a detailed replica of Dorothy’s house from the film is Munchkinland and it appears you’ll be able to make the house spin around here, which is a neat touch.

JJP is promising more details soon so we will stay tuned. They are also still taking pre-orders for the game, the current price is $6500 but it will go up $500 in July and then settle on $7500 in August.

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