Wizard of Oz Pinball Playfield

arcadehero July 6, 2011 2

A short time ago, Jersey Jack Pinball sent out drawings of both halves to their upcoming Wizard of Oz playfield design, but not together. I didn’t find the time to put them together but fortunately someone else did, so kudos to Pinballnews.com for doing that and publishing the image above on their website. With that we now know what to expect when it comes to the game design, although it will certainly be a different beast once all of the artwork and lighting is taken care of and the game is seen in a playable form. There are five flippers on the playfield and the wire ramps are preferable to large plastic ones we’ve been seeing lately. There are 23 letter targets to obtain through various means; according to the release that JJP sent out you also get:

-[the right side] has two magnets, two flippers, the upper Munchkinland playfield with Dorothy’s Spinning House and a Throne Room where different awards are collected.

-Shooter lane plunger will have multiple opening shots available and selectable to the player to collect awards

-The right outlane is a game in itself attempting to rollover all T-O-T-O rollovers to collect award value

-Shoot into the WOZ Throne Room to collect awards and start modes

-Shoot right to left loop shot to get to Flying Monkey lock, top lanes, and around to Haunted Forest Tree Bumpers

-Shoot Top O-Z Lanes to collect award values

-Shoot R-A-I-N-B-O-W targets to collect awards and start modes

-Shoot Emerald City ramp to lock balls, enter Munchkinland, and collect awards

-Shoot multiple loop shots in Munchkinland to spin House with the goal to land the House on the WWE, plus award values

-Shoot lit rollover buttons Lion, Tinman, and Scarecrow to pick up these characters along the Yellow Brick Road to start modes and award values

That’s not all of course but it shows us this won’t be a game that skimps on the action and rulesets. They soon will have a report on the whiteboards for the game being put together and hopefully they aren’t too far off from production although it’s still likely we will be seeing this sometime between Oct-Dec as JJP originally indicated.

UPDATE: From the whitewood design of the game:


  1. Rodney Welsch January 7, 2012 at 2:33 am - Reply

    If i only had the money i would buy it in a heart beat great looking pinball machinei wish all the best for jersey jack pinball cant wait to see more machines keep on flippen.

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