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arcadehero July 10, 2011 2

Photo by Ed Boon

Another year, another California Extreme event comes along. I always lament missing these, and this year is no different although I wasn’t paying full attention and thought it was going to happen a little later in August. I still would have missed it anyways.

The guys at KLOV have posted some pictures of the event, if you are just hearing about it now like I did, then it’s too late to make it as the event ends today (after starting yesterday). Stern Pinball was there to show off some of their games, particularly TRON and that got me thinking about there being some advantage to showing off new arcade titles there. Quite a few modern titles would still fit right in. There was a Mortal Kombat cabinet there which used a GlobalVR Justice League Deluxe cabinet. The game’s designer, Ed Boon was on hand to sign marquees but the cabinet was a homemade effort it seems. Here’s a video of the cabinet prior to CAX

It looks downright professional if you ask me. Alas, at first I thought it might actually be an official product of some kind but this video and Ed Boon’s tweets dispel that. I still think it would be awesome to have a special MK9 Arcade Edition that features extra, non-console content (the only way to keep it popular in arcades) but for now you have to build your own that is running the console version. Too bad.

In the mean time, here’s another video from the setup phase of the event. I’m sure more will be uploaded to Youtube over the next week.

[California Extreme Website]

UPDATE (Stinger Newsfeed 1077) : GamesRadar takes a look at CAX with plenty of lazy research into the current market of today (Death Race wasn’t the first illegal movie license game; not paying attention to Beavis and Butthead cabinet actually running a different prototype game called Die Alien Scum, their statements on the current state of pinball and arcades needs a bit of updating, etc.). But at least they covered the event and seemed to enjoy themselves.


  1. Steven Rodriguez July 13, 2011 at 4:27 am - Reply

    The GRID!!

    I loved that game when it was out. It was very simple. Compared to other shooters at the time and today. Most people can jump right in and play without much thought as long as you had a decent idea of first person shooter mechanics.

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