The Video games of The Simpsons + new VR entertainment system prototype

arcadehero July 10, 2011 1

(Thanks to James for the Simpsons tip. VR system news is Newsfeed 1074 via The Stinger Report )

The Simpsons has been on TV for a really long time. I remember being in elementary school and everyone being excited about it and while most shows end after a couple of years, it’s still moving along today. In that time video games have made a number of tongue-in-cheek appearances in various episodes, including arcade games. This article by Complex tracks most of the appearances by those fictional games on this guide, which some of the commenters on the site there point out that it’s not exactly complete.

The news via the Stinger shows a non-fictional project that takes us back to VR. Not having gone away in this system is the goofy and large head mounted units.We’re still a long ways off from having a hugely popular VR system from the looks of it, but at least this is in high-definition. The game demo they show here has you shooting singing Japanese idols with a love gun…I’ll just leave it at that. Video by Diginfo news which tracks a lot of interesting technology news.

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