LEPOS: From street art to arcade game demo

arcadehero July 20, 2011 2

As a character who started out as street artwork, the creator of Lepos, Diego Bergia has been looking to move him from there to something a little more interactive. What better way to take something that can only be seen out on the street to being played out on the street than with an arcade game? According to the Lepos website, the story goes as follows:

A world was thrown into chaos after visitors wielding the power of a new primary color landed at their doorstep. Lepos, the lone survivor, fought to escape and headed into the depths of the universe to seek solace. He coasted through countless solar systems until a rocket malfunction led to an emergency landing on an unknown planet… Earth!

Unfortunately for us, he was followed. Now Lepos must defeat the very army that destroyed his planet while warning Earthlings of this new primary color and its impending danger… Our future is in his hands.

You can see the most recent demo below along with other clips from Diego’s Vimeo Channel, where you’ll notice the influence of a popular run ‘n gun game. The Lepos website also has more information including some mock-up flyers of the “original” game that was supposed to be released in the 90s. There is also a Flickr stream showing a book launch event Mr. Bergia had last year which featured a Lepos cabinet in the gallery.

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