Bloggers visit Mike’s CarnEvil arcade in Iowa

arcadehero August 4, 2011 1

Inside Mike's CarnEvil Arcade (via

Newsfeed 1084 via The Stinger Report

I wasn’t sure at first how to approach this article on entitled “Where Did Arcades Go?”. When I see stuff like the first thought I have is to once again point out the many ways to find local arcades – beyond just a simple Google search. We’ve discussed them in the past numerous times, online arcade location finders that track many of the places out there. And of course the article does touch on all of the attention given to a couple of places that have closed down, linking to an article that gets into the Chinatown Arcade thing (which for the millionth time, just moved and became The Next Level Arcade, but that news seems to be lost more often than not when I see it discussed). Again, doing a little bit of research will also show that places have opened up in recent times but media frenzies don’t seem to pop up all that often about new venues, it’s usually about the closing ones. I guess it’s more dramatic that way.

But beyond that, the 1up article does get into some of the stuff that makes arcades cool and worth visiting. They do come across a place in Iowa called Mike’s CarnEvil, currently closed although they might re-open their doors soon. They are a classic arcade in a small town and according to, they have 63 games on-hand, which includes many great games from the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve heard of many people seeking to do what Mike has done – open an arcade in a small town where there is very little in the way of entertainment to choose from although how well these types of venues fair I honestly do not have much information about.  I hope that Mike’s can open again and provide that kind of entertainment to people in the area, if they do, someone please let us know.

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