Chinese Theme Park creates life-size Angry Birds game and could face legal action

arcadehero September 1, 2011 3

Enjoy it while you can! (Pic credit: Cater News via Metro News)

Newsfeed 1104 via The Stinger Report

So far when it comes to rip-off and bootleg games, what we have seen come out of China hasn’t attracted enough attention to warrant legal action. That or it has been too difficult to pursue such action with companies in China and because of that they have been roaming free with bootlegs. But now that a Chinese theme park has created a life-size Angry Birds game, reports that they could be facing legal action from Rovio over the game (an article has a type about the game’s worth as that should be Billion and not Million) as they seek to protect their property, which they should.

I’m guessing that Rovio must not know about Chinese-based Hero Technologies also ripping off Angry Birds and turning it into an arcade game, much like has happened with Plants Vs. Zombies(a flyer for the AB bootleg is below, click for a full view). But perhaps that will be changing before too long, and hopefully it does as one thing these bootleggers need are some consequences to their actions to diminish the tide.



  1. Bob September 5, 2011 at 4:43 am - Reply

    I wish the real Angry Birds theme park will soon turn into reality, something like Disneyland. But that would be too costly for Rovio. I’m sure it will take some time for them to make it. How about partnering with Disney? I think that’s the best sortcut.

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