Dido Kart 2 and Project X-Pher now available from InJoy Motion

arcadehero September 6, 2011 0

As we get into the end of the year we can now expect to start seeing more game releases coming along, just in time for the end of the year holiday season. Today, Taiwanese based arcade company InJoy Motion has two new arcade games they have launched, titles we covered previously known as Dido Kart 2 and Project X-Pher.

Dido Kart 2 is of course the follow-up to their first kart racer with 6 new tracks and 5 characters to pick from and it now includes a card saving system. As such, points can be earned, spent on equipment upgrades and saved to the card. As is typical with inJoy’s content, it’s a motion base game with 2 degrees of motion for side-to-side and up-and-down motion. Part of the release I received also mentioned they took efforts to create facial expressions on the characters, giving the game a little personality. It also features two modes of play, a Battle and Time Mode. In the Battle Mode players can ” use tools and items to increase their ability to obstruct the competitors in order to create exciting battles.” Time mode is the typical race format of racing against a clock. This supports up to four units linked.

Project X-Pher is a light-gun shooting game that is in the same vein as dual player shooters like Deadstorm Pirates and Let’s Go Island but with a futuristic sci-fi theme. They first showed this in a cabinet where you had a driver/pilot and a turret which was interesting in a Lucky N’ Wild sort of way but the cabinet that they are currently showing for this game (pictured above) avoids that “Battle Mode” and goes for the on-rails experience. The driver version with the battle mode (as seen in this preview) should be seeing a release sometime soon down the road.

Here’s a trailer for both games in one, presented by InJoy. DK2 is first, followed by X-Pher. What prices they will sell for remains to be seen but as one of our advertising partners, BMI Gaming carries InJoy products, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the games on their site soon. I also have moved both games on our Game Watch Release list to Available.

[InJoy Motion Website]

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