JAMMA ’11: Videos of Taito booth & Games; TypeX3 and Virtua Tennis 4 pics

arcadehero September 15, 2011 0

Continuing the coverage of JAMMA 2011 in Japan (which is taking place along with the Tokyo Game Show in the hopes of improving attendance) we have some videos of the products to be seen at the show. Also check out a pic of the international version of Virtua Tennis 4

So far Taito has the most complete batch of videos from around the web. The first video showsthe booth ladies of Taito giving a tour of the Taito games available at the show, offering glimpses of how most of the games play. I’m surprised that Darius Burst EX isn’t there but pretty much everything else Taito is working on is. You’ll also see in this video some weird new one-on-one mechanical fighting game, seems like a variation of rock’em-sock’em robots Taito is working on.

Next up is some footage of Taito’s music game Magical Music, by Gigazine

Persona 4 : The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena by Arc System Works

Here’s the first pic of the new Taito TypeX3 hardware. No exact specs as of yet although according to the PDF I found this on, Taito says “This product is a professional high-performance system board has been developed for the next generation of arcade games”. By all appearances it’s an evolution of the TypeX concept where it’s a PC with custom security measures and a custom interface board and certain things like the CPU and graphics card are subject to change depending upon what the motherboard can handle. There is nothing to speak of on any new Sega hardware so far.

Yesterday we caught a glimpse of Sega’s new Virtua Tennis 4 arcade, where it had two Lindbergh cabinets linked together. As I expected, Sega will be going in a different direction for the cabinet for the overseas release but it is different than I expected – it’s a 4 player cabinet! It seems to becoming a trend once again, with Pac-Man Battle Royale and Darius Burst Another Chronicle going the same route with joysticks (something that internationally has been avoided for the most part in new games from about 2001 until this year). I guess there is Giant Tetris as well although they did go in a different route with those sticks. This is an interesting cabinet design, almost looks like a huge iPhone; the real question at the end of the day will be, how much will it cost and will that price be competitive with other sports games on the current market? This picture is via Andy Geezer Services Facebook page (which is via Sega Arcade’s site where they also have a pic for a deluxe version of Operation GHOST that’s a 55″ model”). The VT4 cabinet is only on the European site however so we might be out of luck on this one in the US.

As you might expect, there is certainly more to come!

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