Another look at Sega’s Let’s Go Island 3D

arcadehero October 1, 2011 0

After Sega re-launched their arcade/amusement website, one game they’ve had up on their “Coming Soon” page for a while now is Let’s Go Island 3D. The game was already released in Japan this summer but when it’s going to be coming to Europe/US isn’t clear yet. It is occupying the Coming Soon page on both the Sega US and Sega UK side and it was seen at EAS2011 in London just a few days ago(pictured above). As such I imagine we will probably see it at IAAPA 2011 as well.

Here is a video by DigInfo News that I overlooked back in February that showcases the game when it was shown at AOU 2011. There is an interesting quote by DigInfo in the video comments when asked about the “sweet spot” and ghosting in other glasses-free 3D tech: “they normally do, but before the game starts, it ‘calibrates’ for a few seconds, and then displays crystal clear 3D. we have covered a lot of glasses-less 3D tech and this is the best we’ve seen so far. it’s really really good.” That is some high praise for Sega’s tech, at the end of the day what will matter is cost but if it can be brought down enough then we’ll probably be seeing it used in some other Sega titles before too long.

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