Changes for Gamewax’s Go Go Grand Prix

arcadehero October 5, 2011 0

(Thanks to Joe for the tip!)

You might have thought it never went anywhere but Gamewax‘s unique coin-op slot racing title Go Go Grand Prix has changed hands. It is no longer being carried by Namco and is instead being produced exclusively by UK Distributor Electrocoin for worldwide sale. If there is a new price for it I’m not sure what it is yet as the game isn’t listed on the Electrocoin site yet, but the news was seen on a new advertisement in the most recent issue of The Stinger Report.

Here’s a clip from our partners at BMI Gaming showing the game being played at a trade show that should give you a decent feel for the game. It’s a huge cabinet but I’m sure that anywhere that picked it up has had quite an attraction piece on their hands.

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