Phase 2 Launching for Taito’s Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX

arcadehero October 5, 2011 0

We already know that Taito is bringing Darius Burst Another Chronicle to Europe and the US – the game continues to do very well while on test at my location – but one thing we’re not sure about yet is whether some of the new updates for the game in Japan (under the Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX name) will be making their way as well. I imagine it will depend on how well the game sells once it’s officially released in these markets.

But just in case, it doesn’t hurt to look at some of the latest improvements they are bringing to the game with Phase 2 of the EX updates. As this official video shows, there is a new fighter called the Genesis; a new Original EX mode that adds 12 new levels (Zones O-Z); support units (like in many shmups of the past where you get little units that will fly along with your ship, adding extra firepower); new enemies, patterns, environments and obstacles;  and a new boss called Great Whip.

Also, has a video of their own showing some of these features in action on a DBACEX cabinet.

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