Konami unveils World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012

arcadehero October 8, 2011 0

We’ve never had an abundance of soccer/football games in the arcade industry although there have been a few here and there along with a couple of series that give us something new on occasion, like Sega’s WCCF or Konami’s Winning Eleven series (also known as ProEvo). These later two have shown up in Japan and Europe in some quantities and now Konami has unveiled their latest WE game, World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012 (that just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?). It will use Konami’s e-Amusement and Paseli services but aside from that and the graphic you see to the right (click to enlarge), that’s about all we know about it so far.  No release date is available yet eithe, but that will probably change before too long. Visit the official Winning Eleven 2012 site here.

[Via AM-Net]

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