Taito’s Densha De Go! Returns in 2012

arcadehero October 8, 2011 1

(Via AM-Net Blog)

Back in 1997, Taito released a coin-op “train simulator” video game called Densha De Go!. That basically translates to “Let’s go by train!”. It was successful enough in Japan to warrant a couple of sequels in 1999 and in 2001. The point of the game is to get your passengers to the arrival station on time and in one piece. Drive like a crazy person and you’ll lose points by annoying the passengers.

This coming Spring, Taito will release the fourth installment of the Densha De Go! series. We don’t know much about it aside from the image above and that it will use cards. I imagine that it most likely will stick to the Japanese market but it’s a good example, yet again, of the simulator experience that arcades can pull off so well. In thinking about it however, I’m sure a videmption type game based on the Thomas The Train series would probably do well internationally.

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  1. masterLEON October 8, 2011 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    Seriously? Is there a deluxe model? Is this all Taito can do with this niche of a niche game? What about surround sound? Motion feedback seating, like a modified version of those rodeo machines? A microphone with voice recognition so all the hardcore conductors can announce the stops? (I know those closet conductors are out there waiting for a game like that) Sheesh, if you’re gonna make a comeback with a game, do it right!

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