Sega’s Let’s Go Island 3D now available

arcadehero October 20, 2011 0

Well here’s another arcade release out of Sega that I wasn’t entirely expecting to happen now. Yesterday came word of Operation G.H.O.S.T. becoming available for release in North America and now comes word from our partners at BMI Gaming that also Let’s Go Island 3D is available. They are listing it at $22575. This game was released in Japan earlier this year and not long afterwards Sega started teasing an international release for the game. At this point it’s now available worldwide, offering a glasses-free 3D experience (autostereoscopic if you want to be precise) that Diginfo news claimed to be the best glasses free 3D that they had seen up to February 2011. At 55″, this makes it one of the largest autostereoscopic screens available to the public. Not to mention that this is a strength that arcades have had since the beginning – letting consumers use a new piece of technology in a practical application in a public setting that your average consumer isn’t going to be able to afford at home for quite some time.

LGI3D essentially enters the realm of “4D” gaming, maybe 5D depending upon whose definition you use. You get the 3D effect on the screen, wind effects (often machines using stuff like that is called 4D as that adds another dimension to the game) and then the interactive side of it with the light-guns. Here’s a low quality video of the Japanese version of the game being played.

As such I have moved Let’s Go Island 3D to the Released column on our 2011 Games Watch list.

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